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EDEL–Quality of Comfort

The EDEL Residential Estate offers a new dimension in safety and comfort.
Particular attention has been paid to building and engineering quality during the construction period. Because of this, everything in EDEL - from the smooth running, silent lifts to advanced engineering solutions and energy-saving technologies – ensures that its residents live in comfort and safety.
Special attention to the ergonomics of the interiors ensures a comfortable, contemporary lifestyle and emphasises the uniqueness of EDEL in the Astana real estate market.


The EDEL Residential Estate is designed as a monolithic building. The entire structure is based on a pile foundation made of precast and in-situ reinforced concrete.
The heat insulation in the EDEL apartments is secured by façade materials with heat insulation and hermetic three layer window and door units.
The exterior of the basement premises is faced with polished granite while the residential floors facades are decorated with pargeting with pieces of fibrous concrete.
To prevent precipitation runoff from getting inside, EDEL provides for the collection of rainwater from the roof and discharging it into a storm drain.


EDEL is a symbol of the European approach to cosiness and comfort. This Residential Estate is designed with modern heating, ventilation and conditioning systems that maintain the most favourable air conditions for residents’ well-being.
The residential areas are designed with natural draft ventilation using disorganized influx. The exhaust air is removed from the premises through bathrooms, kitchens and dressing rooms.
Residents can install air conditioning in the special places prepared on the balconies, while electrical outlets are conveniently provided for inside the apartments.
The condensate disposal system allows for an adequate and efficient air change, creating the most comfortable living environment in the apartments.


The heating and water supply systems in the EDEL Residential Estate are designed in accordance with accepted national standards.
The internal heating system is connected to the minucipal heating networks through plate heat exchangers.
All EDEL apartments are equipped with modern radiators.
The internal water plumbing system uses plastic tubing with the appropriate shut-off valves and intake fittings.
Both hot and cold water is supplied centrally from the municipal utility networks.


EDEL apartments mark a new dimension of safety and comfort. The Residential Estate is equipped with state-of-the-art fire alarm and firefighting equipment.
A round-the-clock video surveillance system guards residents’ security, continuously monitoring everything that is going on within the Estate area.
Besides this, each apartment is fitted with an intercom system that prevents unauthorised entry.


The passenger and cargo-and-passenger lifts, produced by Mitsubishi, are used for lifting people and goods along the full height of the building, starting from the basement level.
All lift facilities at EDEL are supplied with dispatching systems that automatically monitor the lifts operation and meticulously record the condition of each machine.

EDEL–Quality of Innovation

By making use of the latest innovations and state-of-the-art technologies, EDEL is a residence of the future. All apartments are equipped with smart home systems manufactured by Teletask (Belgium).
Studio and one-bedroom apartments are offered with a standard interactive package which sends residents and SMS message in case of voltage fluctuations, leakages, intrusions or emergencies.
Two- and three-bedroom apartments include a premium package that provides full control of all home equipment.
Teletask’s automated home systems include flexible and simple light, temperature, blind, curtain and AV controls, simplifying life and filling EDEL residents with positive emotions and happy moments.